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About Us

JKT Packaging Solutions offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues when it comes to packaging. The JKT core team features combined packaging and sourcing experience of 100+ years.  The team has collectively manufactured, managed, sold, or sourced well more than $1B worth of packaging.  Other firms simply don’t offer this level of experience.

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Packaging As You Need It

With our unrivaled industry and technical expertise, JKT is on the cutting edge when it comes to the sourcing of packaging materials. Whether it's corrugated boxes,
folding cartons, flexibles or rigid containers, with our industry leading procurement expertise and propriety
estimating tools we will deliver and sustain superior results


Packaging To Fit Your Needs

Packaging is frequently "overspec'd."  Opportunities exist to re-engineer weight/raw material used to match more closely with actual performance requirements, thereby eliminating material and reducing costs. Whether structural or graphic in nature, our team has the expertise to fit your packaging to your needs


Engineering Support

Expert Guidance

  • In the last 18 months we have been able to save our clients the following percentages per category: ​

    • Corrugated Boxes - 16% - 21%​

    • Poly Bags - 12% - 18%

    • Folding Cartons - 13% - 21%

    • Multi Wall Paper Bags - 8% -17%

    • Bulk Bags - 13% - 19%

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Our Projects

Outstanding Results


Project 1

A leading global packaging manufacturer with $55M+ of corrugated spend across 90+ locations had inconsistent sourcing processes, supplier proliferation (90+ suppliers), SKU proliferation (2,500+), and above market pricing.  They engaged JKT’s core team to bring the situation under control by developing and implementing a corrugated Spend Optimization program

Project 2

Leading PE owned commercial and residential cleaning products company
Client needed savings and asked out team to evaluate four core packaging categories to identify opportunities
•Conducted a should cost evaluation on Point of Purchase displays
•Conducted a technical analysis of corrugated
•Determined that supplier was charging for heavier box grades than they were supplying
•Rand a focused, direct source effort to capture savings
•Captured 32.7% on Point of Purchase
•Captured 9.4% savings on corrugated

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Our Projects

Outstanding Results

Project 3

A Mid-market PE firm acquired a leading US producer of specialty frozen confectionaries that has a commanding share in the Hispanic marketplace.  There were price, performance, appearance, and other improvement opportunities because packaging was left unaddressed by previous ownership. JKT was engaged and deployed its Direct Source approach to capture near term savings and enable longer term packaging redesign opportunities with incremental savings


Project 4

The incumbent vendor had supplied the client for more than 12 years.  JKT studied the specifications and volumes and concluded that there was a significant cost reduction opportunity available by taking the spend to the market.   The client purchased fanfold sheets, which is a corrugated sheet that requires special manufacturing / finishing, and therefore has a limited, geographically dispersed supply base.  JKT used its technical, manufacturing, and commercial expertise to create and execute a highly effective bid process

Please get in touch to discuss how our talented team can help you achieve results that matter.

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At JKT Packaging Solutions we believe that packaging is an art form in itself. It’s not just about protecting your products; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience for your customers. Our specialty packaging is designed to do just that - leave a lasting impression. We provide packaging for every application. While corrugated boxes and folding cartons comprise much of what we do. here are some specialized examples of the other type of packaging we provide

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Home: Team

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